What to expect at Absolute Wellness Clinic

You are welcome to Absolute Wellness Clinic. Dr Sangeeta Deshpande has evolved her clinical practise guidelines to guide both practitioner and patient. This means each patient has equal and holistic access to individual Ayurvedic medical treatment ensuring positive results.

Dr Sangeeta, (BAMS) has fifteen years practitioner experience as an Ayurveda doctor resulting in the establishment of her clinic, focussed on obesity and related diseases. Her clinical practise guidelines and protocols are in place to inform and support you throughout your medically supervised consultation and treatment plan. When you visit her clinic you can expect a synergistic five element health model. You may discuss your concerns confidentially.
Dr Sangeeta will treat your individual biological condition, including your emotional and mental needs. Human beings are body, mind and spirit.

During your initial consultation, she will discuss and advise on the following - the purpose of your visit, assess your basic body statistics, BMI and degree of fat loading on the body tissues, assess your obesity status, diet, lifestyle and their impact on your health. A blood sample is taken, sent to Jeevanrekha laboratories. On your second visit we will discuss the impact of these in-depth pathological reports based on your blood profile and/or previous medical reports should you need to share them. Know that supports are available for you throughout your treatment plan. Contact details and visiting times are found on the Contacts page.

Five Element Program: Your individual treatment plan step by step!

1. Obesity consultation, your current status, tests and medical blood parameters, laboratory results and prescribed Ayurveda medicated oil and herbal medications

2. Assessment and discussion of your individual recommended diet

3. Counselling for lifestyle and change of habits

4. Consultation for a recommended fitness program

5. Understanding the need and effect of our anti-ageing medical Ayurveda natural skin care treatments so you can look good from the 'inside out'.

"You know you best!"

Dr Sangeeta's obesity program is specifically and clinically designed for your pathology and no one else; as is your diet plan and necessary lifestyle recommendations. Additionally, her counselling offers you the opportunity to confidentially share, discuss and learn how best to put changes in place more easily as you look after yourself in your new program. This can including exploring positive attitudes and behaviours that are key in change creation.

Remember this can be positively exciting and initially challenging. So consider how to make it simple and easy for yourself. Your journey is one of self-discovery. The process is all about finding ways to maintain your positive daily attitudes and behaviours necessary to discover, identify and change old dietary habits, habitual ways of thinking and seeing things in life that do not serve you! In fact, you will be aware of feeling lighter physically, mentally and emotionally. All life is finite. Fact. Yet why allow your health to rob you of the right and need to have a happy and healthy life? Why!

There are many contributory reasons for health disorders. In Absolute Wellness Clinic, there is no judgement about this, only a confidential medically managed five element obesity program so that you can look and feel good from the 'inside out' and not from the 'outside in'. This is a sustainable and lasting change, not a superficial one.