Mrs. Shilpa Latange

"Stay Fit, Think Fit"  

Experience - Three years as professional trainer in aerobes and other fitness activities.

  • Extensive knowledge of fitness routine conducted at Absolute wellness Center.
  • Complete understanding of human anatomy.
  • Experienced in demonstrating use of exercise to clients.
  • Excellent communication and motivational skills.
  • Persuasive in nature with and ability to help clients give their best in gaining fitness.
  • Skilled in designing exercise routine for all types of clients.
  • Ability to schedule fitness class for individuals and groups.
  • Expert in preventing and taking care of injury during exercises.

Miss. Meenakshi Nannaware

"Fitness is a Medicine to Happiness"  

Experience - Two years experience specially in Weight loss trainings.

  • Plan exercise programs for clients.
  • Supervise exercise routines.
  • Demonstrate exercise for weight reduction.
  • Converse with clients and design classes according to their convenience.
  • Provide service on one-one-one basis to clients.
  • Know about clients' lifestyle and motivate them to make positive changes.
  • Motivate people to push beyond their comfort zone, and supporting them when their motivation flags.

Mrs. Rohini Wagh

"Be fit Stay Young"  

Experience - Experience in Athletic.

  • Scheduled group exercise classes for clients.
  • Experience in developing tailored plans, supervising clients to ensure that they are properly executing the exercises and more.
  • Dedicated training professional with extensive experience in athletic.
  • Expert in setting to the community through lectures and presentations.
  • Experience in Designing different types of exercise classes for clients.
  • Coordinated with vendors for supply of fitness products.
  • Design each class and match the skill and learning levels of Participants.