Obesity Solutions

Obesity is a medical condition. It results in excess body fat which accumulates in the tissues and cells to the extent that it may reduce your life expectancy, leading to increased health problems. These problems will affect your quality of life, relationship with yourself and others, if not immediately then as you age - and we all age!

Jeevanrekha Obesity Management, has treated over 45,000 patients and has expanded his vision for health pre and post-obesity and related diseases are known in 81 clinics throughout India. The success of management in reducing metabolic and tissue fats with resultant significant individual weight loss is witnessed by the establishment of clinics throughout India, of which Absolute Wellness Clinic is one. In this clinic, Dr. Sangeeta applies the principles of metabolism and BMI weight loss program in her clinic to achieve parallel success. As a result of Jeevanrekha's visionary program, both Dr. Sangeeta and her patients alike benefit from the unique Ayurvedic based formulations, sophisticated laboratory testing using complex and diverse medical laboratory equipment. These work together in offering each person treated the opportunity to avail of optimum long-term success in their weight loss and disease management medically supervised the program.

She aims also to empower you with an intelligent and compassionate understanding of your medical profile and professionally committed to addressing any challenges that you may experience through a confidential consultation process. Informed by this process she will outline and discuss any questions arising with you about your customized ayurvedic medical treatment, lifestyle and fitness, nutrition and anti-aging program. For some, it will be a relief, security, and support to know that our clinic collaborates as maybe required with other specialist medical institutions to design the most effective plan for you.

With this in mind, our unique Ayurvedic wellness program consists of 5 key interconnected elements that work together in harmony to empower you in your obesity and wellness program.

  • 1. Your medical profile and obesity/disease status
  • 2. Your individual customized treatment plan
  • 3. Consultation for nutrition for body and mind
  • 4. Lifestyle and fitness counselling
  • 5. Anti-ageing - Look and Feel Good

Phenotype Nutritional Counselling

Right now in India and the world over lifestyle disorder is leading to obesity and associated diseases. Equally obesity and disease is leading to disorder in the lifestyle. It is a double-edged sword in that if you are experiencing one you will also experience the other, in time. Remember people may look well externally yet be unwell inside; equally its highly possible not to look obese superficially, yet inside the cells and tissues may be enlarged with fatty molecules. Absolute Wellness Clinic continually evolves dietary and lifestyle recommendations that focus on a low fat, low carbohydrate, protein diet, with a fitness and lifestyle program to counterbalance the tension between obesity and lifestyle disorders. Over nutrition and malnutrition at the cellular level is leading to a string of common diseases and pathological disorders. These have led to an increasing uptake of dietary fads and programs. Why is it that people may eat the right food, and/or exercise yet cannot achieve their required weight loss? In our obesity clinic evidence consistently shows us that without the five-pronged approach created by Dr. Sangeeta and Jeevanrekha that one cannot sustain and maintain the transition from a place of obesity to weight reduction and cellular wellness through phenotype nutrition counselling.

Food and nutrition is an integral part of human life. Nutrition is one of the most important aspect which decides health of a person. Modern Genomics as well as Ayurved has given utmost important to food for the maintenance of health.

As per the ancient life science every individual needs a different diet. Even the diet depends on number of variable like environment, age, sex. Climate, strength, time etc. Modern dietics in recent days is also suggesting variety of factors like lifestyle/environmental, gut microbial and genetic. These factors are strongly connected to the metabolic disorders of an individuals on blood pressure, a major risk factor for coronary heart disease and stroke.

The mechanisms responsible for the inter individual differences in dietary response are very complex and was poorly understood. Currently it has been thought that these diseases are triggered because of interactions between genes and environmental factors. These interactions are dynamic, beginning at conception and continuing through adulthood. Moreover, the concept of “environment” is complex and broad and it has been frequently associated with tobacco smoking, drug consumption, exposures to pollutants, education, and socioeconomic status. However, food intake is the environmental factor to which we are all exposed necessarily and permanently from conception to death and it has been a major driving force through species’ evolution. Therefore, dietary habits may be the most important environmental factor modulating gene expression during one’s life span.

Nutrition is probably the most important environmental factor that modulates the action of genes and the phenotypes being considered. This has been known for decades. but somehow ignored. Therefore, it is of paramount importance that genes are considered in the context of nutrition and that nutrition is considered within the context of genes. This paradigma constitutes the basis for nutritional genomics, a fast-developing research area with tremendous potential to yield results that could change the way dietary guidelines and personal recommendations are established and carried out in the future.

Our phenotype diet considers Genetic makeup of an individual along with the phenotype constitution of person. Along with these tools number of bio chemical and hormonal analysis also suggests about the metabolic status of the body along wit the ageing effects. All these factors are considered while designing a diet of the person.

This type of diet can slow down progression of metabolic disorders and also can restrict ageing effects.

CAD (Coronary Artery Disease)

Many patients who have undergone angioplasty and by-pass surgeries are not aware of the necessity for routine, daily management. Absolute Wellness Clinic provides in-depth counseling around your constitutional diet and exercise management specifically for
CAD (Coronary Artery Disease) patients which all help in preventing relapse. Absolute Wellness Clinic is also-also committed to the prevention of CAD in the patient. Our Ayurvedic medical treatment plan is not just addressing a causative approach because at one and the same time it can enhance prevention of a relapse for those who are prone to land into coronary artery disease. A patients' cardiac markers are used for diagnostic purposes and this ultimately influences the design of your overall obesity weight reduction and medically managed program that can significantly assist in the prevention of certain pathologies due to CAD.

Anti Aging Management

Ayurveda describes many therapeutic approaches for the promotion and maintenance of positive health. Aging effects on the body can be explored by many biomarkers. In Absolute Wellness Clinic the cause of aging is explored for you and the findings of any deteriorating systems will be diagnosed. In this way, we can assess the biological age of a person so we can go to treat and improve the body's
'INNER AGE'. Human fibroblast cells (lungs, skin, heart, muscles), have a limited lifespan. Cell division is affected by nutrition. Overfeeding cells is as compromising as underfeeding. Cellular fat compromises metabolism by impacting negatively on 'Rasayana', or the prevention and inhibition of disease and aging. Free radicals attack collagen and elastin the substances that keep our skin smooth, moist and flexible folds and deep cut wrinkles are a testament to the effects of long-term free radical damage. In Absolute Wellness we discuss these anti-ageing markers and can offer you management with the application of standardized medicated Ayurveda natural herbal medicines to rebalance 'inner aging', generated by obesity. We also have a range of Ayurveda creams and oil that nurture and heal the skin which imparts a smooth and positive effect on body tissues, especially important in combating sagging, fluid retention, effects of hormonal imbalance on the skin and contribute to the restoration of healthy looking vibrant skin tone. Our Wellness Clinical Spa team of cosmeticians, Panchakarma, and massage therapists look after this including stress management issues with these therapies. Do enquire, its key in our five element treatment plan.

In our obesity program, it is common to observe Acanthosis nigricans or hyperpigmentation which is a skin condition characterized by areas of dark, velvety discolouration in body folds, creases, and face. The affected skin can become thickened and darken. Its presence generally indicates resistance to insulin which eventually causes type 2 diabetes. You can take heart that with the correct use of our weight management program that this will duly fade and disappear.

Anti-Artherities Managment

Our anti-arthritis management systematically diagnoses and supports this auto-immune condition using dietary and medicinal management. Post knee joint replacement counseling and associated special exercises are available as part of our fitness and lifestyle management for different affected joints are advised. Osteoarthritis is characterized by the breakdown of cartilage and the flexible but tough connective tissue that covers the ends of bones at joints. Age, injury, heredity and lifestyle factors all affect the risk of osteoarthritis. Every pound of excess weight exerts approx 4 pounds of extra pressure on the knees. A stressed joint is more likely to wear down and become damaged. So a person who is 10 pounds overweight has 40 pounds of extra pressure on the knees; if a person is 100 pounds overweight, that is 400 pounds of extra pressure on the knees. Once a person has arthritis, the additional weight causes, even more, problems on already damaged joints. It is clear that obesity impacts negatively on the biomechanics of the joints.

We can observe through our laboratory analysis that inflammatory chemicals released from a fat tissue called cytokines, can impact different body systems, including musculoskeletal and cardiovascular systems. One important group is called adipokines, and most types of adipokines promote inflammation leading to joint erosion and pain. Our weight reduction program which brings down the levels of this cellular and body tissue fat and fat in the cell has a direct impact on the production and regulation of chemicals promoting inflammation.

People who have a body mass index (BMI) in the normal range â€" have yet another reason to watch their diet and exercise because the disease process changes body composition in an unfavorable way; it favours having more fat and less muscle. All the more reason to loose body and cellular fat!

Corporate Wellness

Dr. Sangeeta Deshpande has experienced direct engagement with corporate wellness programs. Her tailored programs at Absolute Wellness Clinic can alleviate the impact of the current top personal stressors within the workplace.
In 2016 'Impact and Outcomes - 'An Indian Study 2016', conducted a major survey across three levels (Junior, Middle, and Senior) of 2,157 professional respondents in three key areas - IT/ITES; Finance/Banking and Travel/Hospitality and reported that the top three personal stressors in the workplace are

  • 1. Inadequate income (financial commitments), 36.8%
  • 2. Inability to manage personal and professional responsibilities, 15%
  • 3. Interference of personal relationships in work, 30.1%. This profile echoes the opinion of the CHRO's (Chief Human Resource Officers), that one cannot isolate the various aspects of an employee's personal life from their professional life. Further global studies indicate that Corporate Wellness Programs improve companies productivity by
    • 1. Reducing the rate of absenteeism and time lost
    • 2. Enhancing on-the-job time utilization, decision making and improving employees morale, which increases turnover.
    • 3. Attracting superior quality staff.

Doubtless while reading this you will resonate with some of these experiences in the workplace. Research shows that medically high-risk employees are medically high-cost employees due to the above factors. A report from Work Foundation found that the cost of presenteeism (the act of showing up for work without being productive, generally because ill-health prevents it), could account for one-and-a-half times the cost of sick leave or absenteeism. Significantly, CIPD's most recent report on absence management found that a third of organizations have reported an increase in people coming to work while ill. Investment by corporates in our Absolute Wellness Corporate Program is more cost saving than the higher claims and loss of working hours incurred by employees.

Fact. If you are not well physically, mentally and/or emotionally, add stressors and combine again with obesity and/or related disease - how long do you think it will take for some key aspects of your life, health, relationships, work or mind/emotions to break down? Dr Sangeeta welcomes corporate CEO's, CHRO's and decision makers who are willing to acknowledge these facts and who are willing to invest in human capital, work ethic, and provide "value added services", for their employees, and really take the time to let these findings and their implications sink into your consciousness.

It would be good to reflect upon the various benefits that could take place for the human beings in your company by inviting Dr. Sangeeta Deshpande to visit your company and open to being will enlighten of the value and applied benefits gained from individual and/or workplace screening tests, counselling sessions, diet and fitness sessions and our medically managed weight reduction program for obesity and other lifestyle obesity-related metabolic diseases.