Name :- Rutuja Pisolkar Adwant



She called me today with excitement, Mam have started Zumba class and running for twice a week .. previously she wanted to do it.. but due to her weight and health issues unable to do . All the time stressed up , lost hope regarding weight and health issues.. came @ Absolute Wellness Center Explained her about program .. corrected her nutritional deficiencies. She has understood program regarding weight loss with courage , devotion and nurturing her body and soul.

Rutuja Pisolkar Adwant lost 18 kg of weight loss along with disease free status.


Name :- Ronaldo Soto



Ronaldo Soto, consultant.. from Puerto Rico , United States. having obesity with genetic predisposition of rheumatism. Explained know how about Jeevanrekha obesity management... he was amazed to listen and was very satisfied .At Absolute Wellness Clinic treated him for rheumatism and obesity simultaneously.

He Followed regime perfectly and Reduced 14 kg in 2 months . He lost weight but he was more happy as his stiffness of joints completely gone and noticed feeling of wellbeing rather than weight loss .

As he is going back , he is trying to maintain diet which is advised to him. He liked the food we advised and also learnt to prepare roti. He is also taking moong dal along with him .Salute to such committed people for their betterment of health.


Name :- Louigi Bosani Age :- 6o years.



It a pleasurable movement for me that as a regular fashion I had one more patient from Italy Mr Louigi 6o yrs old male having pot belly obesity with metabolic syndrome . After his detail investigation it was found that his apolipoprotein was on the higher side and we were confident that it can be controlled by changing his life style.

He was already on a perfect a very good diet with an Italian dietician.

We advised him certain exercises which can help him to reduce his belly and apolipoprotein B by Indian traditional medicine We advised him certain exercises which can reduced his risk of CAD for 20 days. Our expertise help him and he reduced upto 23.5 kg in our exercise schedules.

He was very keen with his diet .As an international Flyer he was having a very clear Idea about the diet restriction and he has studied some diet and following the diet given to him . I was very impressed about his commitment at his age of 65 he was able to cope up with the exercise given to him and was following the same in a very dissent manner.

Our combo and Indian exercise program has helps him and brought him down by 3.5 kg.

All the credit goes to his studied ness and his enrolment in our exercise program.

It's an honour to me to get such studied patients who can understand our schedules, Who study the things very keenly and follow it.

Wish you a happy and healthy life Mr Louigi.


Name :- Paleja



An interesting client Mr Paleja , builder by profession and known social figure, landing into Insulin dependent diabetes came for counselling who was referred to me by a renowned cardiologist. He was hesitant to start with the treatment as his peers pressure was very high and could not neglect the company for meeting and eating.

After a good counselling he managed his mind set up and started with the treatment.

The counselling realised him that his body was supporting him to the management.

He was taking very high doses of anti diabetic drugs still sugar was not under control.

Within a time span of 3 months he showed a drastic weight loss from 111kg to 92 kg and now taking the lowest Doses of anti diabetic drugs.

This shows the versatile activities of our management.

I thank to him for the confidence and dedication he has shown for him self for the betterment of his health.


Name :- Varad Aghav



A engineering student.. Case of exogineous obesity.. Reduced 30 kG weight in two months...

When he came to ABSOLUTE WELLNESS CLINIC I asked to him are you really serious on weight front? He firmly said yes Mam.... I explained him about JEEVANREKHA OBESITY MANGEMENT and about diet... He said its really difficult being hosteller .. But will find out solutions for it..His committement and dedication towards programme draws down his weight from 115 KG to 85 KG Really salute to him.

So many people very cranky about food controls if you have dedication you can do very easily apart from againest all odds.. Varad is a best example.


Name :- Sujata Reddy



I was referred to Dr. Sangeeta Deshpande madam for the weight reduction program. When she checked me out and explained to me about the food I am eating I understood about the Glycaemic Index (GI) of my food. I controlled my staple diet and started following her diet and treatment. I was very hesitant to stop with the food that I was used to having. As a South Indian person, it was very difficult for me to stop with the rice and all the Southern menus and recipes. Still, for my sake, I stopped and to my surprise, my obesity related problems dropped away.

"I reduced 20kg in the span of four months and I am really happy. My post weight reduction counseling was a very nice session and the doctor explained to me diet changes with the area and environment that I live in. Though I am living in Maharashtra, I can now follow most times both a South Indian and Maharashtra diet. Thanks for the knowledge and weight reduction given to me by Dr. Sangeeta Deshpande madam."